Company Resume

          The main business of LIP Trade Ltd is computer service and IT support of PC, laptop, LAN, printers, video surveillance mainly in Sofia. The IT support is remote or on site. LIP Trade also sells more than 14 000 computer components. Their prices are updated daily.

LIP trade is a dealer of all world manufacturers of IT equipment.

–          Through its business LIP Trade is useful for the faultless work of the IT equipment of its customers. LIP Trade work optimizes the cost of having and using IT equipment.

–          LIP Trade customers are of different kind: private or public, big and small, foreign or local companies, schools, etc.

–          When a company becomes a LIP Trade customer a contract is signed.

–          A complete description of the supported equipment is made.

–          At each visit a diagnostics is held by a LIP trade officer. If an IT problem is found, it is solved on site.

–          When emergency occurs LIP Trade Ltd solves the problems right away or in period of 6 working hour if the problem is related with a hardware problem.

The LIP Trade customers have the advantage in couple of ways.

–          LIP Trade Ltd monthly fee is two-three times lower than the remuneration of an IT expert hired in the company.

–          LIP Trade does not go on vacation or fall ill.

–          LIP Trade team contains of different experts in software, hardware, LAN field. It is sometimes needed more than one opinion for the solution of an IT problem.

–          The customer does not depend onthe whims of one person. It can rely on the experience of whole team of IT experts

–          The LIP Trade customers can improve their IT knowledge thanks to the remote control service. The whole information of an IT problem and its solution could be provided kindly to the customer by a LIP Trade officer.

–          Correct advice for purchase of IT equipment. The contract for IT support does not oblige the customer to purchase equipment only from LIP Trade. The customer can buy from wherever he wants. LIP Trade is obliged to install the equipment correctly.

–          The contract of IT support provides the customer with low-cost IT security.

–          The customer can buy IT equipment at preferential price

–          The customer receives an invoice for the cost of IT support

–          At 80% of the cases are solved in the period of a phone call remotely.

–          We use Team viewer corporate

–          LIP Trade can give an offer after a survey on site or made inquiry by the contact form of the site.

          LIP Trade also creates and support web sites. For more details www.web-lip.eu


Антивирусен софтуер
IT съвети за поддръжка на компютри и техника


Достатъчно добър ли е вградения в Windows антивирусен софтуер? Купили сте нов компютър. Подготвили сте го за работа и веднага възниква въпроса какъв антивирусен софтуер

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