IT Support

The pros to be a LIP Trade’s Customer

  • Cheaper. The monthly subscription fee is in times cheaper than the monthly spending for supporting an IT department in YOUR company and office.
  • Unlimited support. The contract for IT support provides unlimited number of emergency calls and visits in the office of the customer for solving all software and hardware issues of the whole IT.
  • Lower price. Our customers receive preferential pricing for all hardware and software.
  • Free of Charge. The mount and installation of new hardware and software are FOC.
  • Independence. The contract does not oblige YOU to buy hardware and software only from LIP Trade Ltd. You can buy from wherever you want. Our duty is to install and set everything in order.
  • Faster. We start to work on our partner’s problem usually right away after receiving the emergency call. We use TeamViewer for remote IT support or send an officer on site.
  • Expert support. You have access to the professional advice, comments and recommendations for all IT issues and problems that you encounter.
  • Comfort. LIP Trade provides TFT monitor, small printer or UPS while your faulty peripherals are under repair.
  • Freedom of choice. You do not depend on the mood or expertise of one person. We try to provide a high quality service to all of our customers.
  • Strict bookkeeping. Each IT case solved by a LIP Trade officer is strictly described in a blank and then filled in our ticket system.
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