LAN installation

Consulting and construction of computer networks. Installation and maintenance of LAN, Wi-Fi, computer networks and others. as desired by the client. In today’s world of communications is inconceivable that the use of computers in an office without them are interconnected in a computer network. In a world of globalization of communications is increasingly closer to the moment in which each device will be included in a network to be able to communicate with other devices. LAN allows the use of a centralized information system, which facilitates communication and increases the efficiency of employees in an office.

Network experts of LIP Trade Ltd. will consult its current and future clients on designing and building computer networks. We have experience and knowledge to fulfill work with different volume and complexity – from connecting five computers to the creation of local (or national) network of several computers.

Our employees have extensive experience in organizing local networks and are able to ensure high quality work in the shortest possible time.

LIP Trade Ltd. uses and offers its clients only products from reputable manufacturers of IT market. We do not compromise on quality of work and quality of our services! Thanks to these principles of work mime partners and clients who work with us and use our services. Profesionalkno build a network that uses high-quality hardware and software has a longer period ekspolatatsionen and many fewer defects, and therefore less headaches for the customer.

We perform the following activities:

  • Project and installation of LAN
  • LAN support
  • LAN administration
  • Connecting to LAN
  • LAN policy and security
  • LAN advice
  • LAN optimization
  • Installation and support of public Wi-Fi (schools, malls, big offices, etc) using
  • Mikrotik and Ubiquiti LR devices

LIP Trade sells and installs only LAN products of world-known manufacturers. Thus it guarantees the quality of LAN service.

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