Service for laptops “LIP Trade” Ltd

Maintenance of laptops – what is it?

What is being done to support the laptop? Look at the bottom of swollen capacitors, notifying the customer if necessary replace any of them. Check cooling of the video card in your laptop case when an external one and not with passive cooling. Sofuterno cleaning of viruses and / or other malware. Install any software licensed by customer, by him or purchased by the company “LIP Trade” .Instalirane / updating drivers. Check the hard drive / s for bad sectors and regeneration or replacement of the disc if necessary. Also after consent obtained from klienta.Apgreyd laptop: Add disk space – changing the hard drive if the bottom allows / true for older laptops / .Apgreyd laptop: Add RAM if the bottom is available and allows any / true for older laptops /.

  • We check and clean the cooling system of the laptop
  • We check for faulty chips on the mainboard or on the VGA chipset.
  • We check and clean the viruses, add-ons, spyware, toolbars, etc
  • We optimize the OS
  • We check and repair the HDD of the system if necessary
  • We update the system
  • We upgrade the laptop upon customer’s request
  • We recommend update and upgrade for improving the work of the laptop if necessary

Some advice for long use of a laptop

  • Do not put the laptop on soft surfaces like blankets, bed covers, on your legs. That prevent the laptop of normal cooling
  • Clean your laptop regularly with suitable sprays and napkins
  • Do not remove the battery from the laptop
  • Do not move the laptop while working. It is not good its HDD

Clean the laptop hardware at least once a year in a service center. It will prolong its life.

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