Прием първи клас

Digital system for submitting application documents for first grade. Dear heads of primary schools,

In connection with the measures taken for digitalization, we offer you an online platform for admission of first grade students. The system is used for online application for first grade. The system ranks the candidates according to criteria approved by an ordinance of Sofia Municipality.

Data required upon application:
– Three names of the applicant
– PIN / PIN – determining and registering the candidate in the system
– Mobile number
– E-mail
– Three names of the candidate
– The field
– Selection of the individual criteria, approved by an ordinance of Sofia Municipality
– Choice of language for study by the candidate (in foreign language training)
“Three names of the mother.”
– Three names of the father The development is entirely of “LIP Trade” Ltd.

Many schools already use it. It is easy to use by both school management and parents.

Obtaining a unique ID code for each candidate with a link to the email specified by the parent. The unique ID code is linked to the applicant’s PIN.

The system records all registered candidates in the school database with all submitted documents.

Review by the school management with granted rights to an administrative panel with the required number of accounts for teachers.

Important advantages:
– Optional menu if there is more than one foreign language or classes with different profiles
– Choice for a different way of application approved by the school management
– Obtaining a unique ID code for each candidate with a link to the email specified by the parent
– Impossibility to abuse parents by submitting several different applications
– In the presence of several candidates with the same number of points automated electronic selection at random


Here is the backend (administration):


And many other advantages that we can demonstrate if you are interested

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