Website Development. Digital Marketing. Maintenance and Management

We know that creating an amazing website is about putting together the best design with the right software.
Web development is a broad term that is associated with both the development of Internet sites and intranets (private networks). It can range from making a simple static page with plain text to complex web-based Internet applications. The list of tasks that web development includes may include the following:
  • Web Development;
  • Web Design;
  • Web Programming;
  • Web content development, etc.
Recently, web programming is mainly associated with the creation of a content management system (CMS). The main advantage of these systems is that it allows people without technical education to make changes to their site. Since the commercialization of the Internet, web development has been a growing industry. The growth of this industry is determined by the business that sells products and services to its customers through its website. What do our websites offer you?
  • Unlimited categories and subcategories.
  • Unlimited articles, moving to different categories.
  • Unlimited number of photos, sizing and positioning.
  • Contact forms, unlimited number.
  • A section with banners, statistics, and a counter of impressions, visits, and clicks from each banner.
  • Limit banner impressions if paid for a period or time.
  • Create user groups and assign different access to each group.
  • Back up / backup component on the site, recovery is quick and easy if needed.
  • Create a blog for a site.
Update an existing site
We offer both a “refresh” of an existing site and a complete change of vision if desired by the client.
Domain registration
As a letter alternative to the IP address of the site, the domain makes it easy to find on the World Wide Web. The domain can contain the name of your business or part of it, or the name of your business.
Hosting plan
Hosting is a fixed subscription for the resources of one or more servers that have direct and high quality Internet access. Hosting can be provided by any computer, even personal, but in general this service is provided by hosting companies.
SSL Certificate
An SSL (Secure Sockets Layer) certificate must be installed on the server to establish a secure connection between the client and the server. If the customers of your site need to enter personal data or confidential information, it is mandatory to have a valid SSL certificate and the entry of information to be done through the SSL protocol.
If you want the products and services you offer to be in the top results of a keyword search, we offer Google Ads campaigns. The ad starts appearing immediately after the start of the campaign, thus not losing months of work and investment in SEO optimization. Create banner ads for your online ad that will appear on the Display Network from Google’s advertising partners. In recent years, the social network Facebook has been an important factor in the world of digital marketing. That’s why we want to offer you a service through which your brand, website, page or application on Facebook can reach the right audience of users. This way a large number of people will become your followers or will be able to make direct contact with you. We will prepare an advertising campaign on Facebook for you and will help increase your social presence on the web. Services include:
  • Choose relevant keywords that match your customers’ searches;
  • Define keywords and text boxes for campaign ad groups;
  • Set up text and banner ads on targeted partner websites;
  • Ad value measurement;
  • Analyze and set up a user audience for
  • Facebook marketing advertising; Prepare detailed monthly analyzes of the effectiveness of your advertising campaign.
Once created, almost every website needs maintenance. It consists of updating and adding information to it, changing images and videos, even changing the year of manufacture and the rights of the site. When a site is not maintained, it “becomes obsolete” because the Internet is a dynamic environment. It is starting to lag behind the sites of competing companies in the market. E-shops, real estate sites, news sites and all others of this type, in which information changes daily, have the greatest need for support. There are two options for site maintenance – from the owner or from a specialized company. We offer both specialized support and training to the owners of the site. Thus, the client decides for himself what is most suitable for it.
LIP Trade Ltd. has built and maintains over 120 corporate websites for its clients in Bulgaria and abroad. “LIP Trade” Ltd. through its experience in digital marketing, SEO, Ads and Facebook campaigns has helped many of its customers to position their services properly in the Internet space and they reach the maximum number of customers. Our employees can advise you and give you valuable advice on what is the right strategy for your business on the Internet. How to attract more customers? How to make money online?